Service fatigue strength

Service strength testing

Proofs according to DIN 15018, FKM-Standards, Eurocode 3 and the IIW-Recommendations

  • Testing of structural durability of vehicle components
  • Attendance from measurements until the proof of structural durability
  • State of the art measurements and data analysis software deliver results in a short time
  • Proof of structural durability for in-house designers can be used for internal hedging and is frequently demanded by the authorities

Testing of car bodies - pressure frame testing

Strength testing according to EN 12663 addresses the car body strength under different vertical and longitudinal loads. The scenarios resemble the real operating situation, including effects of loads (equipment, cargo, …) as well as the interaction with other vehicles (via buffers and coupling). The mechanical stress in selected spots is determined by strain gauges, which allows the validation of FE-Models.



  • Static tests for stress analysis on railcar bodies of all railway vehicles, such as freight wagons, passenger coaches, locomotives and tramways
  • With our mobile pressure frame it is possible for us to conduct the tests directly at the manufacturer’s site. So all your infrastructure can be used and necessary repairs or reinforcements can be done right after consulting with the developers - without loosing time
  • Tests include parts like stanchions, container pins, flaps, the connection bogie – frame, …
  • Strength tests according to EN 12663 (and TSI), ERRI B12/RP17 and ERRI B12/RP60



Testing of bogies and wheel sets

  • Measurement of loads during (passenger-) service at different railway components to determine and verify load collectives.
  • Determination of load collectives using one- and two-dimensional classification standards.
  • Measurement and analysis according to DIN EN 13749.
  • Calculation of crack propagation on wheel sets (crank axle and carrying axle) in cooperation with the IWM (Fraunhofer Institut für Werkstoffmechanik).

Buffing tests, loading & unloading tests

  • Buffing tests are carried out according to e.g. EN 12663, UIC 526, UIC 577 respectively 2006/861/EG: (TSI „vehicles - freight wagon").
  • Expediently buffing tests run subsequent to pressure frame tests at the manufacturer location - if this is not possible, PJM arranges track and traction.
  • As required, already applied strain gauges can be used for further tests - like service strength.
  • Acquisition of realistic operational demands during loading and unloading.