FE Calculation

Visualising and calculating complex structures with
state-of-the-art FEM-software tools.

Linear Calculation

The direct transfer of CAD data into the FEM software allows the calculation as well as visualization of a number of mechanical parameters like stress, bending- and folding-behaviour, oscillations, eigenfrequencies, resonance behaviour, thermal behaviour under the application of temperature fields or stress due to thermal expansion.

This leads to a better understanding of mechanical correlations in complex geometries. With this come an increase in innovative power as well as cost reduction due to the need of less experiments.

  • Complex FE models
  • Verification of calculation and measurement
  • Proper selection of measurement points on the basis of the calculation
  • Structural analysis and optimization of parts and assemblies
  • On-screen view allows the study and optimization of new parts already in the design phase
  • Determination of part safety (castings and forgings) with respect to fatigue (according to FKM directive etc.)
  • Strength tests of welded structures with respect to fatigue strength (FKM directive etc.)

Nonlinear Calculation

Nonlinear calculation will be used if the linear calculation can´t show an adequate imaging of the object.

  • Consideration of non-linear behaviour such as plastic material performance, large deformations or multibody contact
  • In particular we also offer nonlinear calculation of components formed from elastomeric materials
  • For FEM calculation hyper-elastic material models are used (quasi statical and incompressible material behaviour)
  • Consideration of shrink (cooling process) and calibration (residual stress)
  • A calculation of all common components is possible - conical spring, layer spring, bushes, buffer, rubber-sprung railroad wheels etc.
  • To guide evidence of fatigue strength is possible, if suitable Haigh-Diagrams of the material are available


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