Multi-body simulation

An outstanding “know-how portfolio” combining design, simulation and FE-calculation.


Simulation of railway vehicles

  • Depending on customer request calculation will done by different calculation programs (e.g. Simpack, Adams)
  • Determination of ride characteristics with multibody simulation
  • Simulation of loads in different operational situations
  • Determination of accreditation suitability of a vehicle according to international standards and codes
  • Realistic contact geometry is provided by implementing measured rail- and wheel-profiles into the model


  • Engineering support for all kinds of rail vehicles for developers, operating and maintenance companies
  • Particular experience in the calculation and testing of vehicles with coupling mechanism of radial steering wheelsets
  • Simulation of special vehicles with many wheelsets and special running gear (e.g. rolling highway)
  • Determination of clearance of vehicles with special dimensions
  • Simulations for vehicle renewal and extraordinary applications
  • Economic support also for small projects
  • Concept development of primary and secondary springs in railway vehicle bogies

Verifiying simulated results with the real world

The combination of metrology and calculation from one hand enhances the consistency between ride test and calculation and reduces costs.

Together with our partners we do the verification of calculation models as static or dynamic test bench rides with whole bogies.


Dr. Martin Joch

  • Waagner-Biro-Straße 125
    8020 Graz, Austria

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