Aerodynamic tests according to TSI, TSI HS and EN 14067.

Due to increasing operating speeds of rail vehicles, the aerodynamics and its impact to the immediate environment plays an ever more important role.

Another expansion of our scope of accreditation is the field of aerodynamics.

PJM carries out measurements for the verification of compliance with statutory limits according to TSI and TSI HS and furthermore according to the standard series EN 14067.

Test methods:

  • Measurement of pressure difference
    • Measurement of the peak-to-peak pressure signal on the open track
  • Measurement of maximum pressure variations in tunnels
    • Measurement of aerodynamic stresses
    • Interpretation of measurement values via CFD simulation (ANSYS Fluent) and transformation into the reference conditions (code)
  • Air velocity measurement (2D)
    • Measurement of the maximum occurring air velocity (including the post-ar current)


Our strengths:

In addition, the spectrum ranges from simple two-dimensional flow calculations to complex three-dimensional aero-acoustics tasks concerning entire rail vehicles or tunnel systems.


Daniel Brandl, PhD

  • Waagner-Biro-Straße 125
    8020 Graz, Austria

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