Testing the IR6000 for vehicle approval in India

    The project at a glance

  • Project start 08/2018: Development and manufacture of the wheel set.
  • 10/2018: The wheel set is air-shipped to Erie, USA. In the production site of GE Transporation Systems the wheel set is installed on the IR6000.
  • 11/2018: The locomotive is shipped to Hyderabad, India. The tests are performed there. PJM is in charge to analyse the vehicle dynamics for the admission of the IR6000. Indian Railways had tasked GE Transportation Systems to design and engineer the IR6000, which is the most modern diesel-electric locomotive meeting the Tier 2- emissions standards. A very neat design element are the chosen colours reflecting the yellow and orange of the Indian flag.
  • The technical approach: First, the sinusoidal signals have to the be rectified. These rectified signals are the input variables for a system of equations. The forces in the contact point between wheel and track (vertical and lateral wheel forces) are the solution of the system of equation.
  • Due to the climate, the conditions were demanding. Both our team and our metrological devices were put on the test: 45 degrees Celsius and high humidity alternated with monsoon rains. But our team forged ahead and made the measurements according to the predefined schedule, while the metrological devices provided reliable data.
  • During the tests, the locomotive runs about 15.000 km.
  • During the tests, the locomotive runs about 15.000 km.

PJM, the expert for worldwide railway solution, was in charge of testing the vehicle dynamics of the TR6000 for vehicle approval. The IR6000 was engineered by GE Transportation systems, PJM's customer was Indian Railways. The state-of-the-art diesel-electric locomotive is planned to be in operation extensively. In all projects, PJM strives to minimise the risks. Thus, PJM is the only supplier worldwide involving hardware in the loop-simulations.


As early as in the run-up to a project, hardware in the loop.simulations are the decisive details which is provided by PJM only. Hence it is possible to forecast the wheelsets's performance, e.g. in the field of measurement uncertainty. The customers' befenit is to drop unnecessary risks.


To measure the vertical and contact forces of wheel discs, the wheel set was designed and built in Graz. There were several challenging aspects: The big wheel diameter, the very confined space du to the gear unit mounted on the axle and the weight of the wheel sets which is three times higher compared to common wheel sets.


First station was Erie in the USA, the home base of GE Transportation Systems. There, GE designed and built the state-of-the-art diesel-electric locomotive meeting the high TIER 2 emissions standard. In the factory, our team installed the wheel set on the locomotive. Then, the wheel set was shipped to Hyderabad in India for the test runs.