Fatigue strength

PJM is your perfect partner for an overall project management of fatigue strength tests.

The validation of fatigue strength is a crucial part in the approval process and should be performed by an accredited testing facility. The validation program includes calculations and tests. The tests are divided into laboratory tests (such as static tests and fatigue tests) and into on-track tests (e.g. measurements in use with a proof of its fatigue strength).

PJM is a renowned testing laboratory with many years of experience in the field of approval-relevant tests of railway vehicles. Thus, PJM is a perfect partner to project and perform fatigue strength tests.


Fatigue strength assessments according to DIN TB 491/2

The booklet DIN TB 491/2 contains the application guideline for on-track tests according to DIN EN 13749. We are an accredited testing laboratory and thus we document these areas of activity which are required by authorities:

  • - Performance of measurements in use
  • - Fatigue strength assessments on vehicle components


Static tests and buffing impact testing

The tests of fatigue strength according to EN 12663-1 and EN 12663-2 are designed to proof the fatigue strength of vehicle frames including equipment attachments in loading situations which are very similar to reality. In this process, the testing of proof loads is crucial. In these tests, the vehicle frame is exposed to specified loading situations (empty load carrier and loaded carrier). Thus, we determine stresses and deformations and we are capable of verifying FE-models.

PJM provides a mobile test rig which allows to carry out tests on-site of the manufacturer. Its advantage is to use the manufacturers’ entire infrastructure and to perform possible adoptions of the test object quickly and in a very simple way.


Measurements and analysis of the torodial mode of wheel sets according to DIN TB 491/1

The booklet DIN TB 491/1 defines the measurements and its analysis of the torodial mode of wheel sets to proof the fatigue strength. PJM provides excellent equipment and many years of experience, including:

  • Application of strain gauges
  • Installation of telemetry and its required power supply
  • Providing an irrigation system
  • Proven tools for the assessment of the specified options A to D
  • Test report


Loading and unloading tests

PJM provides a mobile wagon weighbridge to weigh the railway vehicles at the manufacturer’s site. Furthermore, the mobile wagon weighbridge enables loading and unloading processes.


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