Ride Indexer

Bewertung des Fahrkomforts: Eine Software , die sämtliche erforderlichen Kennzahlen nach allen internationalen Richtlinien ermittelt.


Ride comfort analysis

Railway vehicles are exposed to vibrations that affect ride comfort of passengers and vehicle drivers. Essential influencing factors for the convenience of the passengers are suspension, bogie and the wheels condition etc.

To identify and evaluate ride comfort in railway vehicles, national and international standards and criteria have been developed. These standards are ISO 2631-1, ISO 2631-4, VDI 2057 and Sperlings´s Wz-value method. The Ride Indexer 2010 offers a complete solution that combines all of these standards.


  • Triaxial Plug and Play sensor (no additional adjustment required!)
  • Easily operable software
  • Output as PDF
  • Calculation according to ISO 2631-2, ISO 2631-4, VDI 2057 and Sperlings Wz-valued method


The system consists of a triaxial accelerometer and a laptop. The sensor is connected to the USB Port of the laptop. A corresponding software evaluates the sensors signal and results are made available as index numbers. These results can be printed as a report or saved as PDF.


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Lina Popetschnigg, MSc

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