Instrumented wheelset MeRaN

Instrumented wheelsets are used for running dynamic test runs according to En 14363 (full track tests). In addition to defined acceleration values, forces on the wheelset, especially in the vertical direction and the transverse direction (Y- and Q-force) must be recorded. To meet these high demands, PJM designed the instrumented wheelset MeRaN which is manufactured in Graz. MeRaN is ONE instrumented wheelset for ALL kind of configurations. There is a large field of application:

  • Wheelsets with inside or outside bearings
  • All common track gauges and rail profiles
  • All common wheel disc shapes
  • All common velocity ranges

Range of applications:

  • Railway vehicle qualification (e.g. according to EN14363, AAR, 49 CFR)
  • Monitoring of track condition
  • Recording of operational loads

The measurement system consists of the following three subsystems:

  • Strain gauges, which are applied to the wheel disc surface
  • A telemetry unit, which digitizes and transmits the measurement signal
  • A measurement computer, for calculating the outputs (Q-force, Y-force and wheel contact point e)

The MeRaN instrumented wheel set offers several advantages:

  • Can be applied to wheelsets of any shape
  • Signal synchronicity
  • Dynamic calibration


Helmut Gaber

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    8020 Graz, Austria

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