Factory approvals for railway vehicles are crucial and necessary, yet they are an immense undertaking for manufacturers and customers. Technique, features and technical realisation of the vehicle’s components are checked very thoroughly. Ideally, possible amendments are performed by the manufacturer. The checks are known to be very time-consuming but in times of Corona the effort is even much higher. Among others, in times of permanently changing conditions and difficult circumstances a reliable completion is very important. Above all, the quality of the numerous tests and checks is top priority. PJM perfectly meets all these requirements. As accredited testing facility according to ISO/IEC 17025, PJM is highly specialised in the field of testing railway vehicles. Expertise and many years’ experience in project management gained from projects in over 30 countries complete each other.

For Bremer Straßenbahn AG, all of this was relevant for the factory approval of the new tram fleet AVENIO and sums up to two essential prerequisites: A reliable factory approval and a technical acceptance test on time. Thus, BSAG Bremen relied on PJM’s expertise as independent testing facility. PJM supported TÜV Nord in terms of approving 30 AVENIO vehicles which were produced in Vienna. In addition, PJM supported the production’s completion.


Credit: https://press.siemens.com/global/de/pressemitteilung/neue-strassenbahn-flotte-fuer-bremen-kommt-von-siemens

Siemens liefert zehn weitere Straßenbahnen für Bremen / Siemens delivers an additional ten trams for Bremen