Press release: Testing the vehicle dynamics of the TR6000 of Indian Railways

PJM, the specialist of worldwide railway solutions, is in charge of testing the vehicle dynamics of the TR6000 for vehicle approval. The IR6000 was engineered by GE Transportation Systems, PJM’s customer is Indian Railways. The state-of-the-art diesel-electric locomotive is planned to be in operation extensively. In all the projects, PJM strives to minimise the risks. Thus, PJM is the only supplier worldwide involving hardware in the loop-simulations.  

Read more in the presse-release (available in German)

"Spirit" reports on Styrian railway power in Berlin

The Styrian Business Magazine "Spirit" reports on the "AC Styrian" companies of presenting its technologies on the Railway Forum in Berlin. One of the latest news of PJM: Testing the vehicle dynamics of the TR6000 for vehicle approval for Indian Railways (in German language).


PJM at the Railway Forum in Berlin

From Graz to Berlin: At the Railway Forum Berlin, PJM presented latest international projects and its innovative portfolio. On the shared booth of AC Styria, 10 companies had a showed high-tech solutions.

Digital rail freight cargo and the many years experience of overall solutions were in the spotlight of PJM.


Get more on the Styrian railway industry (press release of the AC Styria in German language):

Privatbahn: Focus on the automated load monitoring system

The special interest magazine reports on the multiple features provided by the load monitoring system and its benefits for wagon keepers and fleet operators (in German language). 






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