Measuring turnouts for voestalpine Railway Systems

In its business segments, voestalpine is a globally leading steel and technology group with a unique combination of materials and processing expertise. voestalpine Railway Systems, a subsidiary company of voestalpine AG with approximately 7.000 employees, is the global leader for railway infrastructure system solutions, offering outstanding products, logistics and services for rails, turnouts, signaling and monitoring applications.

In the current project, PJM has performed measurements at the turnouts in Vienna Liesing. The track next to the regional transport hub in the south of Vienna is heavily frequented since train run every 5-10 minutes. By using our measurement data, we determine the stress on the turnouts over a period of two years. Therefore, our team had installed the measurement technology in November 2020. The measurements are performed fully automated. The data will be transmitted to the PJM servers via mobile network. Parallel to this, data analysis will run over the next 24 months.


200 km/h on the Westbahn: Vehicle tests applying a digital measuring system

The private railway WESTBahn is operating in 2-hours-cycles from Vienna via Linz to Salzburg. The fleet consists of double deck trains of the type KISS by Stadler Rail. Henceforth, parts of the fleet will be operated by DB. For the extended approval of Germany, PJM was in charge of the type tests in the field of brakes and acoustics. "The test runs were successfully performed in a very short time frame", says Martin Joch. The three main factors for this were:

  • Due to a limited timetable, the "Corona weeks" in March were ideal to perform the test runs.
  • To a great extent, the measurement chain was digitalised. The advantages of a digital measurement system are the reduced cabling efforts and a much higher interference resistance. Within a short period, our team had implemented a measuring system comprising 200 sensors.
  • The many years' experience and great committment of our measurement team.

The static tets, dynamic brake tests and tests of the wheel slide protection system were performed under varying conditions, such as differing conditions of the track and varying speed ranging from 80 to the maximum of 200 km/h.


Let it snow: Privatbahnmagazin reports on the approval tests of the powerful snow blower vehicle

"Let it snow" in the German special interest magazine "Privatbahnmagazin". Its latest issue reports on the PJM tests for approving the strongest snow blower vehicle. The figures of the vehicle Schmidt Beilhack HB1100S are impressive. 76 tons of steel, 2.200 PS and 10.000 tons snow removial per hour. For the tests of approval, AEBI Schmidt counted on the expertise of a neutral partner. Hence, PJM was in charge of the comprensive tests. Get the full story (in German language).

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For the public transport company Sporveien Oslo AS, PJM has

For the public transport company Sporveien Oslo AS, PJM has implemented a monitoring system to determine the track's stresses. Due to the comprehensive information gathered by the monitoring system, it is possible to get a reliable forecast of future maintenance work. The well-known magazine ZEV has had a closer look at this topic.


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