Bahn Manager magazine: The automated brake test at a glance

The German special interest magazine Bahn Manager provides a compact overview of the automated brake test by PJM. 

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"kleine Zeitung" reports on PJM autonomous measuring system

The local daily newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" reports on our innovation autonomous measuring system. 

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The autonomous measuring system: The smartphone among railway measurements

In our technical life as well as in our everyday life, the requirements of tools like a smartphone are a matter of course: quick, flexible, simple, high-performing and accessible all the times. Based on these premises, PJM had developed a new measuring system meeting the technological demands of the 21st century.

The “autonomous measuring system” combines up-to-date and proven standard components and thus creates an entirely new application. The result is a digital measuring system providing three major benefits: The system is easy to install (in just a few steps), it permanently generates required data and then provides the data in real-time on online-platforms. “The autonomous measuring system is a quick, flexible and stable solution, which can be easily integrated in the existing operating systems of our customers. Due to proven standard components, the system is very stable. By the innovative combination of proven tools, we managed to create numerous additional features”, say Martin Joch and Günter Petchnig, CEO of PJM. The functionality and reliability of the new system had been proven and well-tried by various international projects.

With the autonomous measuring system PJM has set another milestone in digitalising rail freight cargo.

Get all about the innovation, its concept and benefits in our latest press-release: 




A crucial element of digital rail freight: The automated brake test in the spotlight of ETR magazine

"A significant element of digital rail freight: automated brake test" - that's the title of the paper in the latest issue of ETR magazine, which is one of the leading technical magazines in German language. What's the paper about? You'll get a comprehensive summary on:
  • The current process of brake tests which is purely manually performed
  • The requirements of automated brake tests from a technical and process-driven point of view. 
  • The functionalities and benefits of our brake test-app

Mobility 2030: A forecast made by the business magazine Spirit

The Styrian business magazine Spirit provides a comprehensive forecast on mobility 2030. How will Styrian companies and research institutions cope with transformation? Find the answers in the article here (in German language).


Kleine Zeitung reports on PJM and how to innovate rail freight cargo

The "Kleine Zeitung" is Austria's most popular and successful local newspaper. Read all about PJM and the WaggonTracker-system and how digitalisation and automation can get rail freight cargo fit for the future. 

Online article (in German language):









ETR magazine reports on our "project Westbahn"

The German special interest magazine ETR reports on the tests of approval "made by PJM" for Stadler trains on the Westbahn track. 
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Magazine ETR reports on the vehicle tests of S-Bahn Berlin

The German special interest magazine ETR report on the PJM tests of approval of the suburban rail in Berlin (S-Bahn Berlin). Despite of the tough schedule and the comprehensive measurements, PJM finished the project in time - due to the highly experienced team and a many years expertise in analysing complex data. 
Get the full story (in German language).
Credit: Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash
PJM tests of S-Bahn Berlin

Privatbahnmagazin reports on approval tests for Stadler FLIRT trains

The German special interest magazin "Privatbahnmagazin" reports on the PJM-tests for approval for Stadler Bussnang AG. Further 40 FLIRT trains will be operated by the regional railway TILO.



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"Steiermag": Styrian Know-how for the powerful snow blower vehicle

The online magazine "Steiermag" focuses on positive stories on people, region and life in Styria. Among the latest articles is a project story on the approval tests of the snow blowing machine performed by PJM.  in the German special interest magazine "Privatbahnmagazin". Its latest issue reports on the PJM tests for approving the strongest snow blower vehicle.
Read the full story story (in German language):



Rail tracks in the snow

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