A short video portrait of the WaggonTracker system provided by Houska Award 2020

All crucial features on our WaggonTracker system are shown in a less-than-2-minutes-video. The film crew of the Houska Award 2020 has packed the technology of our digital overall system in a "how to explain the WaggonTracker assets video" (in German language).

The WaggonTracker system was nominated the renowned Houska Award 2020 and thus among the best five Austrian research projects.


Credit: With courtesy of houskapreis.at


Austria's VCÖ Mobility Award 2020 for WaggonTracker!

Our WaggonTracker-system was awarded with the Austrian Mobility Prize 2020 in the category "digitalisation". Federal minister Leonore Gewessler, ÖBB director Michaela Huber, Siemens Mobility CEO Arnulf Wolfram and VCÖ-CEO Willi Nowak presented the award to PJM-CEO Günter Petschnig.

The 59 members of the jury found: "We just realized that a digital system is not standard in rail freight transport. Thus, it is a big step to achieve a competitive position between road haulage and rail freight cargo. It is an innovation that was past overdue and which has great potential. A comprehensive data set is the basisfor modernisation and optimisation."

The top-class event was started with a talk of experts: Federal minister Rudolf Anschober and the guests mentioned above presented future concepts and projects. The event was hostest by TV-moderator Corinna Milborn.

VCÖ Mobility Award 2020

The Mobility Award 2020 presented by VCÖ is Austria's greatest competition for sustainable rail freight cargo and climate compatibility. Further information on https://www.vcoe.at/en

Houska Award 2020: Nomination for Austria's greatest research prize

That’s a big thing: The Houska Award is Austria’s greatest research prize – and PJM has been nominated! A very renowned jury of experts and an advisory board has nominated the WaggonTracker-system for the Houska Award 2020.

This year, everyone has the chance to participate. It’s up to you do decide for the audience award, which is the 3rd rank too and which comes with a prize money of 30.000 EUR. Make your choice till the 20th of September – we are looking forward to your vote!

A short portrait on the nominated PJM project & voting (at the end of the page, in German language):



The Houska Award is endowed with 500.000 EUR and has its 15th anniversary this year. The finale will take place on the 24th of September in Vienna. 

Get more on the Houska Award (in German language): https://bcgruppe.at/houskapreis/


Credit: GeorgWilke/BCGruppe


Excellent technology: German Innovation Award 2020 goes to PJM

The digital overall system WaggonTracker was awarded the renowned German Innovation Award 2020. The international well-known honour is awarded by the German Design Council. The WaggonTracker-system was nominated in autumn 2019, among more than 700 submissios. The jury of experts appreciated the digital technology: PJM is "German Innovation Award 2020 Winner”.

PJM has developed a one of a kind overall system, providing both crucial information on the rail transport in real-time and automated processes. "Innovations are aiming at optimisation. Innovations either solve a problem or improve things. That’s what we were heading for: Catapulting the 100-year-old processes of rail transport into the 21st century and to make it more attractive and efficient”, say Martin Joch and Günter Petschnig, founders and CEO of PJM. The highly innovative WaggonTracker-system fully meets all those requirements. Thus, customers benefit from cost-savings and much more efficient processes. "The developing process from the first idea up to the serial production was very intensive. The German Innovation Award 2020 Winner is dedicated to the entire team. We highly appreciate the award!“

Get more on the overall digital system: https://pjm.co.at/en/waggontracker/


In the spotlight of the Swiss Touring-Magazine: Digital brake tests and automated coupling of SBB Cargo

The January issue of the Swiss Touring-Magazine provides a long story on the innovative projects of SBB Cargo (in German language). Digital brake tests and automated coupling replace hard and demanding manual work. By automatising processes, the SBB Cargo will cope with future shortage of staff which is caused by large-scales retirements of the baby-boomer generation.

Business talk of "bahn manager": Interview the automated brake test

The German special interest magazine "bahn manager" regularly interviews experts of railway business. On the Alpine Rail Forum in Vienna, Günter Petschnig gave an insight into the innovative project on automated brake tests (in German language).

Lenzing AG: LoadMonitor upgrade of further 106 wagons

Lenzing AG, a global player based in Austria, decided to upgrade further 106 wagons with an automated load monitoring system provided by the WaggonTracker-platform. Its benefits are manifold: The load is monitored during the loading process and thus ensures an optimum load capacity. This results in cost-savings and an increase of efficiency and safety by preventing overload. 

Further information on the automated load monitoring system: https://pjm.co.at/en/waggontracker/load-monitor/


Innovation at its best: Fast Forward Award 2019 goes to PJM

The grand business prize “Fast Forward Award” was awarded to PJM. The jury of experts appreciated the innovative power of the WaggonTracker system and designated PJM winner of the competition.

Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, member of the Styrian government and Christoph Ludwig, CEO of SFG, presented the award to Günter Petschnig, CEO of PJM.

Günter Petschnig thanked the PJM-team but also emphasized the relevance of the WaggonTracker-system in terms of environment: “In these days, reducing CO2 emission is a big issue. A monitoring system is crucial to make rail freight transport more attractive, faster and more transparent – and thus achieving a shift from road transport to railway transport.”

The Fast Forward Award is enabled by the SFG. The participating companies have to face a multilevel selection process. A festive event is the final highlight. 


See a short portrait on the WaggonTracker-system (SFG / ORF Steiermark).

Photos and video with courtesy of SFG / Scheriau.

The Styrian magazine Klipp created a video documentation on the Fast Forward Awards and its winners, too. 


Automated brake test in the spotlight of Railvolution

"This has been effectively struck off the wish-list!", that is what the special interest magazine Railvolution says about the automated brake test which by PJM.  Read the full story about the "revolutionary" system. 



2.000 intelligent rail freight cars running with WaggonTracker systems

PJM has pioneered the digital rail freight transport. Crucial information in real-time on rail freight wagons and automated processes result in higher efficiency, time-saving and cost-savings. Hence, the rail freight cargo gets more attractive. The technology behind this is the patented WaggonTracker-system.

International customers like SBB Cargo and Mercitalia appreciate the benefits of this overall digital system. Austrian customers such as Lenzing AG count on intelligent freight cars, too. More than 2.000 WaggonTracker-systems have been installed worldwide.

More information on the WaggonTracker-system is provided here


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